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Victron Venus Gx

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BYD 5kW Lithium Solar Battery LV Flex Lite 5.0 kWh

Original price was: KSh2 808.58.Current price is: KSh2 340.48. VAT excluded

Deye 12kW 48v Hybrid Solar Inverter 3 Phase Dual MPPT…

Original price was: KSh5 383.10.Current price is: KSh4 485.92. VAT excluded

Deye 12kW 48v Hybrid Solar Inverter Single Phase Dual…

Original price was: KSh5 266.08.Current price is: KSh4 388.40. VAT excluded

Deye 3.6kW Hybrid Solar Inverter Single Phase Dual…

Original price was: KSh1 614.93.Current price is: KSh1 345.78. VAT excluded

Deye 5kw 48v Hybrid Solar Inverter Single Phase Dual…

Original price was: KSh2 094.73.Current price is: KSh1 745.61. VAT excluded

Deye 8kW 48v Hybrid Solar Inverter Dual MPPT SUN-8K-SG01LP1-EU

Original price was: KSh3 510.72.Current price is: KSh2 925.60. VAT excluded

Enertec Megatank 5kWh Lithium Battery GL48100 51.2v…

Original price was: KSh2 633.04.Current price is: KSh2 194.20. VAT excluded

Felicity 5kWh 48v Lithium Battery Pack With BMS

Original price was: KSh2 293.67.Current price is: KSh1 911.39. VAT excluded

Felicity Solar 7.2kWh 48v Lithium Battery Pack With…

Original price was: KSh3 159.65.Current price is: KSh2 633.04. VAT excluded

Growatt Axe 5kW Lithium 5.0l Lifepo4 Solar Battery…

Original price was: KSh2 691.55.Current price is: KSh2 242.96. VAT excluded

Growatt Hope 3.3kwh C1 Lithium Battery

Original price was: KSh1 287.26.Current price is: KSh1 072.72. VAT excluded

Hober 1.5Kw Solar Pumping inverter (2HP) MPPT Hybrid…

Original price was: KSh807.47.Current price is: KSh672.89. VAT excluded

Hober 22Kw Solar Pumping Inverter MPPT Hybrid (3 Phase)…

Original price was: KSh3 978.82.Current price is: KSh3 315.68. VAT excluded

JA Solar 545 Watts Solar Panel Monocrystalline

Original price was: KSh271.73.Current price is: KSh226.44. VAT excluded

Jinko 12kw 48v Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter JKS-12K-SG04LP3

Original price was: KSh4 915.01.Current price is: KSh4 095.84. VAT excluded

Jinko 375 Watts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Original price was: KSh197.48.Current price is: KSh164.57. VAT excluded

Jinko 400 Watts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Original price was: KSh210.64.Current price is: KSh175.54. VAT excluded

Jinko 465 Watts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Original price was: KSh244.87.Current price is: KSh204.06. VAT excluded

Jinko 570 Watts Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Original price was: KSh300.17.Current price is: KSh250.14. VAT excluded

KIJO 12V LiFePO4 Battery 200Ah – Lithium ion…

Original price was: KSh2 012.81.Current price is: KSh1 677.34. VAT excluded

MODI 400W Watts LED Solar Floodlight IP65 Waterproof…

Original price was: KSh121.70.Current price is: KSh101.42. VAT excluded

MUST 2KW Solar Inverter MPPT Hybrid Off Grid PV1800…

Original price was: KSh432.99.Current price is: KSh360.82. VAT excluded

MUST 3kW 24V Inverter Charger EP3000 PLUS Series Low…

Original price was: KSh585.12.Current price is: KSh487.60. VAT excluded

MUST 3KW Solar Inverter Hybrid PV1800 VHM 24V

Original price was: KSh561.72.Current price is: KSh468.10. VAT excluded

MUST 3KW Solar Inverter Hybrid PV1800 VPM 24V

Original price was: KSh444.69.Current price is: KSh370.58. VAT excluded

MUST 6kW 48V Solar Inverter Hybrid Low Frequency PV3000…

Original price was: KSh1 111.73.Current price is: KSh926.44. VAT excluded

MUST WIFI Monitoring Plug Solar Inverter Monitoring…

Original price was: KSh93.62.Current price is: KSh78.02. VAT excluded

TBB 5KVA Apollo Max Hybrid Solar Inverter System

Original price was: KSh1 731.96.Current price is: KSh1 443.30. VAT excluded

TBB Riio Sun II 6kVA 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Original price was: KSh1 755.36.Current price is: KSh1 462.80. VAT excluded

TBB Riio Sun II 8kVA 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter

Original price was: KSh2 328.78.Current price is: KSh1 940.65. VAT excluded

TBB Riiosun II 5kW 48v Hybrid Solar Inverter

Original price was: KSh1 579.82.Current price is: KSh1 316.52. VAT excluded

Victron BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor

Original price was: KSh315.96.Current price is: KSh263.30. VAT excluded

Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 12-Volt 15 amp Battery…

Original price was: KSh292.56.Current price is: KSh243.80. VAT excluded

Victron Multiplus 1600VA 12/24V Inverter Charger

Original price was: KSh1 404.29.Current price is: KSh1 170.24. VAT excluded

Victron Phoenix 1600VA 24V Inverter

Original price was: KSh1 170.24.Current price is: KSh975.20. VAT excluded

Victron SmartSolar 100/50 MPPT Charge Controller

Original price was: KSh538.31.Current price is: KSh448.59. VAT excluded

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller

Original price was: KSh327.67.Current price is: KSh273.06. VAT excluded

WeCo 5.3kwh Lithium Battery 48V HV/LV Single Module…

Original price was: KSh3 861.79.Current price is: KSh3 218.16. VAT excluded

Weida 200ah Gel Battery 12V Deep Cycle

Original price was: KSh397.88.Current price is: KSh331.57. VAT excluded

Wilo Star-RS 25/8 Circulation Pump

Original price was: KSh193.09.Current price is: KSh160.91. VAT excluded