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Tile Cutter Ptc8001 Ingco

Original price was: KSh405.72.Current price is: KSh289.80. VAT excluded

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AICO Petrol Pressure Washer

Original price was: KSh327.52.Current price is: KSh318.32. VAT excluded

Bosch 9″ Angle Grinder, 2000W

Original price was: KSh131.10.Current price is: KSh121.90. VAT excluded

Bosch 9″ Large Angle Grinder, 2200W

Original price was: KSh138.83.Current price is: KSh129.63. VAT excluded

Bosch Angle Grinder 4.5″, 900W, Variable Speed

Original price was: KSh133.40.Current price is: KSh124.20. VAT excluded

Bosch Blower 620W

Original price was: KSh60.63.Current price is: KSh51.43. VAT excluded

Bosch Blower 820W

Original price was: KSh94.76.Current price is: KSh85.56. VAT excluded

Bosch Circular Saw 7″, 1400W, 4.1kgs

Original price was: KSh171.12.Current price is: KSh161.92. VAT excluded

Bosch Combination Saw (Table & Mitre)

Original price was: KSh833.43.Current price is: KSh824.23. VAT excluded

Bosch Cordless 12V Drill Driver

Original price was: KSh118.68.Current price is: KSh109.48. VAT excluded

Bosch Cordless Impact Drill 18V, 13mm chuck

Original price was: KSh290.72.Current price is: KSh281.52. VAT excluded

Bosch Cordless Impact Drill/Driver 12V, 1300rpm

Original price was: KSh126.87.Current price is: KSh117.67. VAT excluded

Bosch Cordless Impact drill/driver 18V + 23 acc.

Original price was: KSh204.15.Current price is: KSh194.95. VAT excluded

Bosch Double-wheeled Bench Grinder 350W

Original price was: KSh240.12.Current price is: KSh230.92. VAT excluded

Bosch GVC 22 EX 35mm x 3.5m

Original price was: KSh272.04.Current price is: KSh262.84. VAT excluded

Bosch GVC 22 EX Hose 3.5mm x 1.5m

Original price was: KSh220.62.Current price is: KSh211.42. VAT excluded

Bosch Heat Gun 1800W, 350-550 l/min

Original price was: KSh60.63.Current price is: KSh51.43. VAT excluded

Bosch Heat Gun 2300W, 150 – 500l/min

Original price was: KSh148.03.Current price is: KSh138.83. VAT excluded

Bosch High Pressure Washer 2400W 20kgs

Original price was: KSh765.44.Current price is: KSh756.24. VAT excluded

Bosch High Pressure Washer 2600W, 23.2kgs

Original price was: KSh1 008.32.Current price is: KSh999.12. VAT excluded

Bosch Impact Drill 13mm Chuck, 570W

Original price was: KSh60.63.Current price is: KSh51.43. VAT excluded

Bosch Impact Wrench 800W, 5.7kg, 600nm Torque

Original price was: KSh1 017.52.Current price is: KSh1 008.32. VAT excluded

Bosch Impact Wrench 920W, 1000Nm

Original price was: KSh1 302.72.Current price is: KSh1 293.52. VAT excluded

Bosch Jigsaw 500W

Original price was: KSh128.34.Current price is: KSh119.14. VAT excluded

Bosch Keyless Impact Drill 13mm, 800W

Original price was: KSh207.00.Current price is: KSh197.80. VAT excluded

Bosch Metal Cut-off Saw 14″, 2400W

Original price was: KSh309.03.Current price is: KSh299.83. VAT excluded

Bosch Mitre Saw, Cutting cap. 89mm, 1700W

Original price was: KSh364.23.Current price is: KSh355.03. VAT excluded

Bosch Multicut Saw 14″, 2200W

Original price was: KSh258.43.Current price is: KSh249.23. VAT excluded

Bosch Orbital Sander 190W

Original price was: KSh97.43.Current price is: KSh88.23. VAT excluded

Bosch Planer 650W, 16000rpm

Original price was: KSh123.19.Current price is: KSh113.99. VAT excluded

Bosch Random Orbital Sander 250W

Original price was: KSh120.52.Current price is: KSh111.32. VAT excluded

Bosch Random Orbital Sander 400W GEX 40-150

Original price was: KSh341.32.Current price is: KSh332.12. VAT excluded

Bosch Shear 500W

Original price was: KSh520.72.Current price is: KSh511.52. VAT excluded

Bosch Shear 750W

Original price was: KSh428.72.Current price is: KSh419.52. VAT excluded

Bosch Stand for Saws 2600mm

Original price was: KSh194.12.Current price is: KSh184.92. VAT excluded

Bosch StarterKit 18V 4.0Ah (2 Batteries + Charger)

Original price was: KSh226.23.Current price is: KSh217.03. VAT excluded

Bosch Straight Grinder 650W

Original price was: KSh350.52.Current price is: KSh341.32. VAT excluded

Bosch Table Saw 1800W, 3650rpm

Original price was: KSh874.83.Current price is: KSh865.63. VAT excluded

Bosch Vertical Polisher 7″, 950W

Original price was: KSh166.43.Current price is: KSh157.23. VAT excluded

Bosch Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 25l, 1350W

Original price was: KSh327.43.Current price is: KSh318.23. VAT excluded

Bosch Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 35l, 1200W

Original price was: KSh819.63.Current price is: KSh810.43. VAT excluded