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Plascon vinyl wall cover emulsion 1lts

Original price was: KSh190.64.Current price is: KSh127.09. VAT excluded

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Crown covermatt emulsion

Original price was: KSh9.06.Current price is: KSh6.39. VAT excluded

Crown egg shell finish (semi gloss)

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Crown medicryl emulsion

Original price was: KSh66.11.Current price is: KSh46.67. VAT excluded

Crown permacote exterior emulsion with teflon surface protector

Original price was: KSh18.61.Current price is: KSh13.14. VAT excluded

Crown permaplast long life exterior emulsion

Original price was: KSh19.83.Current price is: KSh14.00. VAT excluded

Crown silk vinyl emulsion

Original price was: KSh18.31.Current price is: KSh12.93. VAT excluded

Crown super gloss

Original price was: KSh20.19.Current price is: KSh14.25. VAT excluded

Crown vinyl luxury matt emulsion

Original price was: KSh17.16.Current price is: KSh12.11. VAT excluded

Crown vinyl matt emulsion with teflon surface protector

Original price was: KSh15.33.Current price is: KSh10.82. VAT excluded

Plascon 1lt Budget Undercoat

Original price was: KSh15.25.Current price is: KSh10.17. VAT excluded

Plascon 1lt Multicolour

Original price was: KSh32.01.Current price is: KSh21.34. VAT excluded

Plascon 1lts Anteak Oil

Original price was: KSh27.70.Current price is: KSh18.47. VAT excluded

Plascon 1lts Plascovac

Original price was: KSh19.54.Current price is: KSh13.03. VAT excluded

Plascon 1lts Varnish Stains

Original price was: KSh27.87.Current price is: KSh18.58. VAT excluded

Plascon 1lts Veneer Lacquer

Original price was: KSh506.06.Current price is: KSh337.37. VAT excluded

Plascon 1lts Woodcare – Interior

Original price was: KSh27.54.Current price is: KSh18.36. VAT excluded

Plascon 20lts Budget Undercoat

Original price was: KSh257.96.Current price is: KSh171.97. VAT excluded

Plascon 20lts Eggshell

Original price was: KSh541.91.Current price is: KSh361.27. VAT excluded

Plascon 20lts Plascodeck Red

Original price was: KSh474.00.Current price is: KSh316.00. VAT excluded

Plascon 4lts Budget Emulsion

Original price was: KSh27.82.Current price is: KSh18.55. VAT excluded

Plascon 4lts Budget Undercoat

Original price was: KSh51.60.Current price is: KSh34.40. VAT excluded

Plascon 4lts Plascodeck Green

Original price was: KSh109.03.Current price is: KSh72.69. VAT excluded

Plascon 4lts Plascodeck Red

Original price was: KSh94.82.Current price is: KSh63.22. VAT excluded

Plascon 5lts Anteak Oil

Original price was: KSh90.04.Current price is: KSh60.02. VAT excluded

Plascon 5lts Plascovac

Original price was: KSh78.10.Current price is: KSh52.06. VAT excluded

Plascon 5lts Veneer Lacquer

Original price was: KSh168.56.Current price is: KSh112.38. VAT excluded

Plascon Bond 20kg

Original price was: KSh94.99.Current price is: KSh63.33. VAT excluded

Plascon Bond 4kg

Original price was: KSh20.50.Current price is: KSh13.67. VAT excluded

Plascon Eggshell

Original price was: KSh244.14.Current price is: KSh162.76. VAT excluded

Plascon Eggshell 20lts

Original price was: KSh94.28.Current price is: KSh62.85. VAT excluded

Plascon Eggshell 4lts

Original price was: KSh284.52.Current price is: KSh189.68. VAT excluded

Plascon universal undercoat

Original price was: KSh43.35.Current price is: KSh28.90. VAT excluded

Plascon weather guard

Original price was: KSh364.09.Current price is: KSh242.73. VAT excluded